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Our Lighting Services

“Wow, your lights make the room so dreamy!”
We hear that a lot. It’s because we care about how your event looks and we take our time perfecting it.

By having the technology to match the colors of our lights to the colors of your wedding or special event, we are able to create a unique environment that is tailored specifically to you. Our lights can even help substitute other decorations, making your costs lower and time spent on the phone ordering much less! We have so many different lighting options to choose from that there isn’t any reason why we can’t help create the look you are going for! They are also just as great outdoors as indoors.

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A very romantic and elegant visual, uplighting accentuates the colors of your event as well as the textures of the walls or curtains, creating that sophisticated look you desire. Because we can match the colors of our lights to the colors of your room, it is also a cost effective way to decorate!


Create a projected light image just for you! Whether it be initials of you and your newlywed or the logo of your company, personal monograms completes the look of any event. Choose from different styles of script, and have it displayed on almost any surface. Best of all, the image is yours to keep after the event!

Slideshow/Video Presentation

You now have the ability to customize your own photo slideshow and video – a very popular option at all special events. Consider showcasing the newlyweds throughout their life or displaying a new product at a corporate event on a big screen. We even do slideshows for Sweet 16’s, Quinceanera’s, and Graduation Parties. This visual display can be as romantic, informative, or fun as you’d like.

Intelligent Lighting

Intelligent lighting refers to lights capable of moving to the beat of the music. This feature adds depth to the music and excitement to the dance floor by creating movement and attention where you want it the most!

Dancing Under the Stars

Now this is a light that will really create a dreamy ambiance. We can actually replicate the feeling that you are dancing under the night sky with the help of lasers and LED lighting. Even looks great as a landscape light, projecting “character” on the greenery.

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